Thien Di Quan is the first Hong Kong restaurant chain in Hanoi at 20 Hang Tre, formerly known as Royal Restaurant, established in 2006, over 11 years ago; Excellent quality as well as professional service style, are thousands of customers trust to choose. Inherit the characteristics of Chinese cuisine but Hong Kong cuisine is unique and different with its own unique features such as less spicy, less greasy just enough to stimulate taste, high bar and special clarity. It is very good for health, eat without worrying about what health is equal.

Each dish at Ly Thuong Kiem Ly Thuong Kiet bring a high taste, color harmonious harmony, elegant next to it is very young and modern. The subtle combination of both thought and presentation is enough to see how subtle this place is. Sometimes it is only through eating and drinking, that it implies a culture and a method of maintaining one's own health. Fibers often substitute for longevity, bowls of soup symbolize a lucky start, duck plate turns like a family reunion, good luck ...

Firstly, perhaps to mention the lacquer dish is carefully prepared, requires chef to be subtle. The chef at Thien Di Thuong Kiet must choose the best type of pork, only to have two hind legs and special security must be about 7-8 hours to pot of hot pot flavor. When tasting, you will feel the soft legs of the pie to the bone but not crushed but still fragrant, plastic and fragrant. At the same time, the smell of soft, delicious from high-end food such as corn, beef tendon, beef bone ... of this hot pot will attract you.

The hot pot of Thien Di Quan restaurant has a sweet taste of pure, bar, cool taste of leeks attached to watercress is imported directly to ensure freshness.

If you say hot pot lizard incense made its own characteristics that only in Thien Di Quan is not wrong but not enough by the chicken noodle with the sweet flavor of chicken mixed with the pleasant aroma of the chicken. the medicine will make you warm stomach; Pigeon pudding with the sweet taste of pigeon meat, the hot taste of water, the delicious taste of Northern medicine and fungus mixed together to create a pot of flavor separately, also create So hard to fade in the heart of the customer just one try.

Duck noodles are also an attractive choice for gourmets. You can enjoy the cup of fragrant flavor, characteristic of the taste, and feel the taste of wheat. Especially, opposite to the traditional duck ducks with soft skin, duck pieces after being marinated by the chefs at Thien Di Ly Thuong Kiet fried crispy to crispy skin but still retain the spicy flavor sometimes Therefore, the sweetness of meat is also stronger.

Duck noodles cooked with many kinds of herbs should have a sweet smell and characteristic characteristics

Referring to the cuisine of Hong Kong in general and Thien Di Quan in particular, there is a small dish that has a martial art that has made its name here, so that when it comes to everyone must admire, it is not. Any other dish that is dimsum. Dimsum (also known as breakfast) is the common name of all dishes that are made in a thin outer shell, the inside is sweet or salty. The specialty of this dish is the bread crust. Powder must be clear and opaque to meet the standards depending on the dish. The casing must be long and thick enough not to drain the inner core, as well as when cooled, not hardened, when lying for too long in the steamer is not crushed.

Thien Di Thuong Ly Thuong Kiet is impressed by the dimsum dishes, unique and Hong Kong standard

Dimsum at Thien Di Quan is steamed shrimp with thin crust, thin or tough cakes mixed with soft sweet shrimp inside with a little chutney sauce accompanying, creating attractive flavor; is a gold-plated dumplings, smooth as the flow of golden sand (kim sa) with light fragrance; is a Sichuan effervescent featured in the culinary culture of the Sichuan area with the common parts of pork, fresh shrimp ... Cake is molded semicircle and served with light sauces, prepared by In particular, to bring attractive flavor to the enjoyment.

X.O fried rice cake is a type of dimsum that has the form and processing similar to the rolls of Vietnam when it is combined from two main components are bread crust and kernel. The casing is thick but soft and not too tough. Nuts are made from meat, shrimp or cauliflower. Instead of traditional soy sauce, when you enjoy this dish at Thien Di Ly Thuong Kiet, you will be served with X.O Sauce - a special spice prepared in the way of the restaurant.